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Our Clients

Our Clients fall into two primary categories: Independent Wealth Advisors and Institutions.

Independent Wealth Advisors. Our advisory team clients utilize our offering via A full-service RIA platform that includes investment solutions, compliance, back-office support, fee-billing, reporting, trading, etc. or A-la-carte services for independent RIA firms that include items such as portfolio management and construction, trading services, audits and examinations, fee-billing and reporting.

Institutions such as Family Offices, Corporations, Endowments, Foundations and Governments. Our 

  • Outsourced full-service investment team - making recommendations on managers selection, overseeing portfolio construction and trading, reporting to key control persons, etc.
  • Outsourced money manager platform. While these clients manage most of their entire investment program, they access our best-of-breed asset managers and trading desk to implement their portfolio management at a reduced cost.
  • Outsourced trading desk designed to access the clients preferred managers and strategies at a fraction of their current cost via our model-delivery programs.