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Our Philosophy

We are an independent, turn-key asset management platform for family offices, wealth advisors, corporations, governments, and foundations. We arm our clients with best-of-breed, competitive, and strategically unique investment strategies. We adhere to the time-tested philosophy that there are no shortcuts or gimmicks to wealth creation - - great investing is the result of buying high-quality assets at compelling prices. Each investment strategy and money manager added to the TownSquare platform passes a strict set of criteria prior to approval including:

  • Top-ranked performance over time
  • A semi-concentrated portfolio (ie, their ‘best ideas’)
  • High active share (they are good at picking securities that outperform)
  • Tax friendly management (lower excess trading and turnover)
  • A fundamental approach to investing (they have a keen understanding of exactly what they own and why)

We eliminate the conflicts of interest common to most advisory firms: We are not beholden to any bank, brokerage, or insurance company to distribute their in-house products. Our clients pay us the same fee regardless of the type of investment solution we create; therefore, we are not incentivized to sell our clients a ‘product’. We do not accept kick-back commissions, concessions, or incentive fees from outside money managers or vendors. Our clients have complete transparency as to what they own since we shy away from pooled investments where client’s funds are co-mingled with other investors. 

Ultimately, the TownSquare investment platform is designed to allow our clients to: Understand and have confidence in the high-quality assets they own – even in times of market stress. Add return to portfolios through our fundamental, ‘bottoms up’ investment process and some of the industry’s best institutional money managers. Keep costs as low as possible while optimizing cash flow and tax efficiency.